Daniel Feinberg, 2017

Real Estate Consultant, Roots Real Estate

What influenced your decision to attend the MSRED program at Tulane?

Ultimately, my decision to enroll in the MSRED program came down to two things: The program is largely differentiated from other related graduate programs because of its holistic approach to teaching real estate through a variety of disciplines and studies (see biggest strengths: adjunct professors, interdisciplinary curriculum, dynamic cohort). It’s in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities in the world.

How did the MSRED program help prepare you for your career?

The MSRED program prepared me for my career by providing me with networking opportunities, financial competence, and, most importantly, work experience. During the fall semester, I interned with Walker & Dunlop, a national leader in multi-family agency lending, through MSRED’s graduate internship program. This exposure was huge for my education because I had very little relevant work experience prior to the MSRED program.

What do you feel are the biggest strengths of the program?

Adjunct Professors: All of the MSRED courses are taught by industry professionals who bring valuable insight and experience to every lecture. Furthermore, professors have a wide network of industry contacts, both on a local and regional level, and can serve as excellent resources for students outside of the classroom. These relationships are very beneficial, particularly for students who choose to stay, live and work in New Orleans after graduation.

Dynamic Cohort: The program is made up of students who come from unique professional and educational backgrounds, with varying levels and types of skill sets and experiences. As such, MSRED students have the opportunity to tailor their educational experience to their personal interests and professional goals. Graduates go on to work in a wide variety of industries and positions, there is no ubiquitous outcome for MSRED graduates.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum: The MSRED curriculum covers a wide range of topics and disciplines, helping students gain knowledge and competence in several areas of study; community development, urban planning, tax credit financing, real estate policy, urban economics, and sustainable design are all components of the program's holistic design.

Industry Exposure: The MSRED program provides ample opportunity to meet and network with industry practitioners, both locally and nationally. During the summer semester, students embark on a field study where they meet with a variety of industry professionals and tour development sites. During the fall semester, students attend the annual Urban Land Institute conference, which is among the top conferences in the world for real estate professionals.

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